What is a Hybrid Event?

Simply put, its when people come together in-room and online, simultaneously.

What is a Virtual Event?

When people come together using digital tools exclusively – for example, if you and 5 colleagues are each at your own home but jump on Zoom or Google Hangouts to be together.

What is the difference between Hybrid and Virtual Events?

They both use digital tools to bring people together, but Hybrid Events involve multiple people being together in physical space.

There are tons of reasons to go ‘Hybrid’ but they all centre around the x factor shared when people interact without technology separating them. Even when that experience is shared using technology the overall effect improves an event.

So, if you have a discussion panel all on stage in one room talking to a ‘Virtual’ audience connecting to a video feed through their computers over the Internet, the audience can see body language on screen plus a Q&A afterwards is more engaging when the panel of experts can freely discuss whatever is shared over a 2-way or multi-channel video feed to the ‘audience.’

Who puts on this conference?

StartWell – Toronto’s happiest place for innovative work offering a redesigned office experience which gives companies breathing room to grow and make work days happier… think of it like ‘Coworking 2.0’

Conveniently located in downtown Toronto, StartWell’s inspiring campus features a wealth of open and bookable spaces to focus, collaborate and create content.

To find out more about StartWell, check out the main website, visit through a 360 interactive tour, or click here to book an in person walkthrough with someone from the StartWell team.

Where is this conference held?

StartWell’s campus in downtown Toronto has Canada’s first boutique turn-key Hybrid Event Studio – we’re taking over their main stage plus some physical rooms on campus for breakout sessions 🙂

Due to C19 restrictions, the in-room audience will be limited in size and we only have 30 ticketed seats available, though hundreds of event and meeting professionals from Toronto and around the world will be joining in online.

What can I expect when attending?

By attending you’ll get a better understanding of the topic matter through content and the experience of participating in a truly hybrid event – our cameras will relate the look and feel of rooms where speakers and a small in-person audience are joining from. After the event attendees will get exclusive access to a free technical Q&A follow-up session with our team to discuss how we produced the event.